Securely share with a person you trust

Electronic Health Records

Have you ever been in a situation where you are unsure of your diagnosis, not confident about the prescribed treatment or wished you can securely share your medical history with a person you trust to get a fresh perspective?

2nd opinions can save you time, money and provide a peace of mind
2nd opinions can save you time, money and provide a peace of mind

I personally have been in such a situation when living away from family and needed an opinion on an upcoming surgery for my dad. I was confused if the surgery was right for him, is there an alternative, wanted to understand the pros and cons of the same. 

We did get multiple opinions from fiends and family within the medical fraternity, but was a tedious process of chugging along the reports, explaining it all from the beginning, analyzing historic trends the and re-doing few tests because we lost few of them. My family wasn’t able to continuously record the feedback from the specialists and share with the next as it was getting lost in translation. 

There got to be a better and simpler way to this….


eKincare is a platform where you can store all your medical history for free. Old reports are converted in a graphical trends, historical timelines and color coded results. Our algorithms look through the data to spot health risks early.

While we received great feedback from the users on the ease of storing the records – just take a picture of your health records using our app, 2nd opinion was one of the top request by the users. 

Hence, we are glad we are not only making it easy to save your medical reports, but also to share with a person you trust. 

Welcome to a simple yet powerful feature: 2nd OPINIONS – Coming soon

You can now click, save and share for free all your medical timelines, history with a doctor or a person you trust. Please give it a try and provide your feedback. 

Kiran K

Author: Kiran Kalakuntla

Seasoned product marketing professional with a track record of designing, developing and bringing complex technologies to market. Past launches include: World's first 3D smartphone, first build to order smartphone, RFID etc.

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