It has been quite some time I have been trying to manage my weight!

Manage your weight

Once we realize that we have issues with body weight, we start our search on internet and all the possible “.com’s”, searching all possible answers to help handle the weight issues. The question is why am I putting on weight? why am I not putting on weight?; How come he has lost weight and I am not losing weight? These concerns are really a bother to everyone.

There are tons of views, opinions, expert analysis/ inputs on weight issues making it complicated to choose the right path.  All one has to do is start with the basics and understand how one’s body functions to choose the right path to Being Healthy.

We need to understand that our body needs calories and a balance of carbohydrates, Fat and Proteins. Weight loss and weight gain is directly proportional to the amount of calories intake. We also remit the fact that we are following all the best practices but the weight still goes up.  Never compare with weight gain and weight loss of other individuals.

BMI chart
BMI chart

The magic formulae for weight loss is

  1. Eat frequent small meals
  2. Exercise at least for an hour
  3. Eat Healthy

The magic formulae for weight gain is

  1. Eat more frequent meals
  2. Reduce the exercise just to keep fit
  3. Add all the necessary natural supplements

When I am Hungry I should be able to eat the right amount of food, which gives me the right amount of calories that is optimum for the body metabolism, this is what our body requires to carry out the basic functioning and is called the basal metabolic rate or metabolism. So the more active you are the more calories you burn. Improvising our knowledge on the mechanism of the food & calories intake, helps us understand the weight gain and loss relationships and what is the exact amount of exercise one needs.

Stay informed stay healthy!

Author: Pooja

Marketing Manager @ eKincare

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