1=3 #worldblooddonorday

Blood SOS is a simple free tool that connects blood seekers with donors within 10KM radius when in need

Blood donation

oneis3 This seed of an idea germinated when we’ve been seeing a lot of FB, Whats app requests seeking blood donors of a specific blood group. Though there are a several blood banks and NGO, in many instances they are running short too and seek a donation to provide a unit. Also a very astonishing sigh I’ve seen was blood banks use a book/register for donors contact details, blood group etc.

Current state of blood donation in India:

  • Every year our nation requires about 40 Million units of blood, out of which only a meager 4 Million units is available
  • Every 2 seconds someone needs blood
  • More than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day
  • A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood

Why can’t this simple of a problem be solved with technology. IN the age of Uber this…Uber that…why not leverage GPS capabilities on smartphone and existing healthcare data to quickly match seekers with donors for timely response.

Blood cannot be manufactured; it can only come from volunteer donors

“Since human blood cannot be manufactured artificially, it is extremely important for people to understand the importance of voluntary blood donation on a regular basis” – Dr. Unnikrishnan MD, GRAMIT, BS (Medical Sciences) clinical advisor at eKincare.com

This year on the eve of “World Blood Donor Day” we are launching “BLOOD SOS” feature within our eKincare app. The Blood SOS tool within the eKincare app helps you reach out to matching blood donors within a 10 km radius. Also, using the app, one can volunteer to donate blood in easy steps as shown below:

  1. Download the free eKincare app
  2. Register your consent
  3. Respond quickly when you get a request

Did you know that regular blood donation helps save a life but also helps the donor in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lowers cholesterol and also increases your life span. While several studies support that regular donation has tremendous health benefits unfortunately, there is still 90% gap in demand and supply due to lack of awareness about this life saving act.

Watch an overview: 

So this “World Blood Donor Day” take a small step to saving a life by downloading the eKincare app and be someone’s guardian angel. – Kiran

Links to download app

iPhone http://bit.ly/eKapple               Android http://bit.ly/eKgoogle

Author: Kiran Kalakuntla

Seasoned product marketing professional with a track record of designing, developing and bringing complex technologies to market. Past launches include: World's first 3D smartphone, first build to order smartphone, RFID etc.

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  1. This is indeed a great initiative of – Blood SOS tool which helps to reach out to matching blood donors within a 10 km radius. Also, using the app, one can volunteer to donate blood in easy steps as shown below:


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