The medical technology landscape has gone through significant changes over the past few decades. The combination of technology with medicine has drastically changed the landscape of medical practices and its impact in our lives.

Then and now infographic
Here’s how technological advances in medical field have improved our lives

Medical technologies, discoveries and innovation is evolving at a rapid pace and making prevention and cure practices more effective. Full Face transplant, 3D printing of body organs, robotic surgeries are creating buzz in the world of medication. From the era of paper and pencil recording system, the field is making use of more accurate and precise methods by maintaining electronic health records.

Times are changing fast across fields whether it is the way we travel, the way we shop or the way we communicate. However, when it comes to storing our medical information, we still go the old fashioned way of storing it in files/ folders.

Here’s a smart way of storing your medical info and its as easy as taking a selfie!


Stay informed, stay healthy!

Author: Pooja

Marketing Manager @ eKincare

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