Ending the detox


In our previous blogs we saw what toxins are, how they affect us and some popular ways of detox . Here, we will look at some more popular ways to detox, some simple detox regimes and how to end the detox.

– Dr. Pooja, Senior Nutritionist @ eKincare.com

  1. Brown rice diet: This can range from eating brown rice only to brown rice and vegetables with the addition of fresh fruit and fruit and vegetable juices between rice meals. Including vegetables along with the rice still allows for effective cleansing while the variety makes the diet easier to adhere to.
  2. Whole food diet: This type of detox program is based on the intake of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and their cold pressed oils, legumes, sprouts and whole grains with the avoidance of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, meat, fish, dairy produce, wheat and other gluten-containing grains, refined foods, fried foods, sugar and salt. Drinks may include filtered/bottled water, fruit and vegetable juices, and herbal teas. Eating a whole food diet is the gentlest way of detoxifying the system and can be continued for a longer period of time without depleting the body or encouraging it to detoxify too quickly.


If you have a reasonably healthy diet and lifestyle and are in good health, try the following five-day detox regime:

Day 1 Follow a whole food diet as summarized in detox regime Whole food diet.

Day 2 Eat raw fruit and raw or lightly steamed vegetables in addition to fruit and vegetable juices as in detox regime of Raw fruit and vegetable diet.

Day 3 Include fresh fruit, and fruit and vegetable juices only. The number of days on Day 3 of the regime can be extended if a longer period of cleansing is required.

Day 4 As for Day 2.

Day 5 As for Day 1.



The following mixture can be taken in the morning during a detox regime to stimulate liver function. Blend together until smooth: 200 ml of organic apple juice 1 lemon, peeled 1-3 cloves of garlic, crushed 1 cm ginger root, grated 1-3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil. If citrus fruit is not tolerated add one teaspoon of turmeric instead. Follow with some peppermint tea or dandelion coffee.


This should be done gradually. Foods should be re-introduced slowly over a period of a few days. If you have been following a diet of fruit and/or fruit and vegetable juices then vegetables can be added for two days, followed by whole grains, legumes and other plant-based foods. Finally, meat, fish, eggs and dairy produce can be re-introduced if desired. Take time over your meals and try to create an enjoyable atmosphere when eating. Eat when hungry and stop when full. Avoid eating when stressed, upset or overly tired.

Assess, track and stay informed about your health!

Author: drpoojachhawcharia

Dr Pooja Chhawcharia is the Senior Nutritionist at eKincare with over 7 years of experience in Nutrition education, diet counseling and research. She is a Registered Dietician with the Indian Dietetic Association and Certified Diabetes Educator recognized by the International Diabetes federation . She is also interested in ancillary sciences such as Yoga and Naturopathy.

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