Take action now for a healthy heart – World Heart Day

According to WHO cardio vascular diseases are the number 1 reason for deaths globally. Did you know that majority of heart related risks can be lowered through early detection and behavioral changes. Taking action will improve your health and possibly save your life.

Healthy recipes – Spinach and baby corn

Whether you are trying lose weight, get in shape or just live a healthier life, eating healthy is of utmost importance. Lets look at simple, quick and easy recipe that is loaded with variety of benefits. Spinach and baby corn blend together to offer a scrumptious and nutritious dish – Baby Corn Palak. -Dr. Pooja,…

19% of users suffer from Hypertension, Know more.

A WHO study says that globally, cardiovascular disease accounts for approximately one third of the total deaths. Out of this, complications of hypertension is responsible for at least 45% of deaths. India is placed at a higher risk due to lack of Hypertension awareness, treatment and control status, with only half of the urban and…

Introduction to Hypertension

My Blood pressure reading was once around 140/90….. But I don’t feel anything…. With blood pressure, one time reading is not considered as the final word; multiple readings at different times of the day are needed. Yet again, no distinctive symptoms are visible, but the damage to the blood vessels begins. Do not ignore high…

Introduction to Obesity management

Most of us are under the impression that we are not overweight/ Obese or at lower risk when compared to people from the western world as we just have fat around our waists, while other parts of our body are lean. Typical Asian Indian population has high waist circumference and are lean otherwise. This is…

Introduction to Diabetes

I had high blood sugar only once ….. I did not check after that, I am sure I DO NOT HAVE DIABETES … Diabetes is a silent killer…You may not know that you have it till it’s too late. Detection at early stages is Being LUCKY – Dr. Pooja, Senior Nutritionist @eKincare.com

How does your Immune system help you?

Immunity is the ability to fight-off or prevent infections and disease. It is like a super power each one of us possesses but its degree of effectiveness depends on how well we have equipped and trained it to fulfill its purpose. Sounds like a combat system, right?! Indeed it is – Dr. Pooja, Senior Nutritionist @eKincare.com