Take action now for a healthy heart – World Heart Day

World Heart Day

According to WHO cardio vascular diseases are the number 1 reason for deaths globally. Did you know that majority of heart related risks can be lowered through early detection and behavioral changes. Taking action will improve your health and possibly save your life.

As many as 17 million people die of cardio vascular diseases each year, which is much higher than the deaths caused by malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB put together. But simple and easy behavioral changes like being more active, choosing a healthy well balanced diet can prevent the risk of heart related diseases.



Individuals who have one or more risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity are at high cardiovascular risk. They need early detection and management using counselling & medicines, as appropriate.

It is recommended that one goes for regular health checks to detect any complications early and take preventive measures.

This World Heart day 29th September, take action for you & your family and make your lives heart healthy!

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