Do’s and Don’ts in Diabetes

Dos and Don'ts in Diabetes

Diabetes management is a challenge considering the fact that there are no distinctive symptoms and we discover the condition at a much later time when it’s too late for complete cure. In most of the cases it is a progressive disease and usually worsens with time. However, you can follow certain healthy habits and manage diabetes in a more effective manner. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts you can follow if you have diabetes. This can go a long way in preventing diabetes from worsening.

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  • Eat slowly. Take at least 20 minutes to complete your meal. Finish food in the mouth before preparing your next morsel. Do not combine eating with any other activity.
  • Eat small frequent meals (6-8 times) throughout the day to regulate postprandial blood sugars.
  • Exercise is a must. Only diet cannot help one lose weight but only exercise can! Exercise at least for an hour everyday.
  • Drink plenty of water – at least 2-3L /day
  • Consume at least 3 seasonal fruits and 4 cups of vegetables in a day.
  • Sweet fruits such as banana, chikoo, mango, grapes can be eaten post exercise or before the most active part of the day as the sugar in them will be utilized.


  • Avoid watching TV while eating at any time of the day
  • Avoid eating breads, biscuits, and other baked products or any form of processed foods
  • Avoid taking excess artificial sweeteners as they are ultimately chemicals
  • Avoid eating outside food often. Prepare at home dishes of your choice
  • Avoid stocking unhealthy foods/snacks at home for any one, not even children. .
  • Avoid going to the supermarket on an empty stomach. Always carry a list of stuff needed and stick to it.
  • It has been observed that bengal gram flour or besan is specially beneficial in reducing postprandial blood sugars in individuals with diabetes. You can try these Theplas, which can be eaten as a main meal with curry/dal and also as a delicious snack. 

Apart from this, you can upload your medical records on and keep a track of your health indicators. In addition to storing your medical records, the portal can help you stay healthy by analyzing reports, using analytics  to detect chronic diseases early, helping you get regular checkups and follow-ups and by being your personal health manager.

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