How to keep fit while traveling?

How to keep fit while traveling

Traveling can be fun, but it can also be exhausting; more so, if you happen to be a frequent traveler who is often on the go due to professional commitments. In all this health often becomes a casualty. Even if you exercise regularly and follow a diet regimen to keep healthy, all this can go for a toss while traveling.

Here are some ways you can keep fit while traveling:

  1. Pack your jogging shoes. Try to take a walk early in the morning. Jog around the place. You cannot just explore the place a bit of the place but also burn some good calories
  2. If going out may not be feasible, you can pack a skipping rope and do some skipping in the hotel room. You may hit the gym for few minutes should do some light workouts.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated. Often, in unfamiliar settings, we tend to miss out on this part. You can use the eKincare App’s Hydrocare feature to keep a track of your water intake.
  4. Avoid Overeating. One often has tendency to overeat while traveling. It may be due to variety of reasons – be a wide variety of good food in conferences, exploring local cuisine or just due to the fact that you happen to be out of the comfort zone of your home and lose control over eating! Try eating more of salads and fruits. Avoid indulging yourself with overdose of oily stuff or desserts.
  5. Avoid taking a cab for short distances. Walk down instead. It might not just give you a glimpse of local life, but also help you keep fit.
  6. Sleep well. Avoid waking up late in the night or partying till wee hours of the morning, especially if it is a long day ahead.

If you have tendency to put on weight, or are diabetic or having a chronic health condition, then regular exercise and healthy eating becomes more important for you.

Travel may often be unavoidable and it may not always be possible to have a dedicated workout time. But following some small steps can help you make the best of available time and be focused on your health even while traveling.

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