5 tips for a healthy heart

5 tips for a healthy heartThe importance of a healthy heart can’t be overemphasized. A healthy heart can go a long way in keeping you fit and increasing longevity of life. According to WHO, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths globally. Cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, chest pain (angina) or stroke.The number of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases is much higher than malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined.

Here are some steps to ensure sound heart health.

  1. Eat healthy – Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. Eat plenty of fiber rich food. Avoid junk food and food with high trans & saturated fat. Limit your intake of salt and sugar. Cut down on alcohol intake.
  2. Exercise regularly – To begin with, one can take a brisk morning walk, at least 30 minutes a day. Or join a gym and do regular workouts. Apart from burning calories, exercising also helps you maintain a healthy heart.
  3. Be active – Being active is more than just doing regular exercise. In your day-to-day life you can follow simple steps like taking staircase for few floors, walking to the neighbourhood grocery shop instead of taking your car, or walking around as you talk on your mobile phones!
  4. Quit smoking – Smoking adversely affects several aspects of your health in addition to causing an irreparable damage to your heart and blood vessels. Smoking increases your risk of heart attack.
  5. Get proper rest – Getting proper rest is an underrated part of your fitness regime. Try to get a sound, uninterrupted sleep at night. It not just helps your heart health but also helps you reduce stress and be more productive.

As it is rightly said, prevention is better than cure. Preventing cardiovascular diseasesĀ is much better than undergoing treatment for it, or worse still, realizing the importance of good heart health only when the irreparable damage has been done! So, do not wait for symptoms of the diseases to be visible. Rather one should take preventive measures to have a healthy heart.

Apart from taking these steps, you must get regular checkups done, more so once you cross the age of 30. You can upload your medical records and health indicators on eKincare – your personal health manager and monitor your health on a continuous basis. Right approach towards your heart health along with right monitoring can go a long way in helping you maintain a healthy heart.

One thought on “5 tips for a healthy heart”

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