Healthy recipe – Dry fruit bar

Untitled design (4)Dry fruits are small but are extremely rich sources of minerals and proteins. Every diet specialist always recommends a handful of dry fruits in our diet in order to keep us healthy and fit. Dry fruits possess a lot of medicinal properties because of the ample amount of nutrients that are present in them. Right from skin benefits to medicinal benefits, dry fruits and nuts give you every reason to include them in your diet.

Here’s a fun recipe packed with goodness of variety of dry fruits. A quick and healthy snack that everyone will love!

The “Dry fruit bar” is a power snack packed with goodness of Almonds, Cashew nuts, pistachios, honey, jiggery and more. Lets look at some of the health benefits of these dry fruits

The health benefits of pistachio include a healthy heart, weight management, protection against diabetes and hypertension, and improved digestion. The vitamins, minerals, fats and protein found in pistachio are all very good for your health.

Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats, the same type of health-promoting fats as are found in olive oil, which have been associated with reduced risk of heart disease.

Cashews contain low fat content when compared to other nuts and that too in the oleic acid form which is very healthy for heart. They are cholesterol free and the antioxidants present keeps you away from heart diseases

Dry fruit bar Recipe


1 cup roasted almonds

1 cup roasted pistachios

1 cup roasted cashewnuts

1 cup roasted puffed rice

1 tbsp honey

1 tsp sugar

1/2 cup jaggery

Preparation method

Roast chopped pistachios, almonds, cashewnuts separately in a pan.

Then roast puffed rice and add them in a mixture of roasted dry fruits.

Melt some jaggery in a hot pan.

Add honey in the melted jaggery.

Put the mixture of roasted dry fruits and roasted puffed rice in this pan and mix them well.

Grease an aluminum tin with butter and pour this mixture of dry fruits, puffed rice, honey and jaggery in it.

Let this mixture set at room temperature for sometime.

Once set, cut them in bar shaped and serve to eat!

Author: drpoojachhawcharia

Dr Pooja Chhawcharia is the Senior Nutritionist at eKincare with over 7 years of experience in Nutrition education, diet counseling and research. She is a Registered Dietician with the Indian Dietetic Association and Certified Diabetes Educator recognized by the International Diabetes federation . She is also interested in ancillary sciences such as Yoga and Naturopathy.

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