Tips to remain healthy during Diwali

It’s that time of the year again. It’s the festival time again, perhaps the most awaited festival in the country. And with the festivities abound, there will surely be lot of good time that one would spend with friends and family!

Meet Mr. Aditya. He is an IT professional in his late 30s working in a MNC in Hyderabad. His wife, Shruti works with a another Indian IT giant. Aditya, Shruti and their children will be heading for Delhi to celebrate Diwali with their extended family. They’ll have a great time with the family, with endless festivities, endless chatter, never ending food and everything that makes it a gala time. Few days later, they’ll come back to Hyderabad and resume their routine life. By that time they’ll have put some weight, thanks to endless feasting and lack of much physical activity over last week! With more and more professionals getting exposed to the risk of lifestyle diseases, Aditya & Shruti realize that they might also be at risk, lest they follow certain healthy habits.

Sounds familiar? No?

Many of us know that we are at risk of lifestyle diseases, thanks to our hectic lifestyle coupled with unhealthy eating habits and (often) lack of exercise. This becomes worse especially during festival time, when we tend to eat more of unhealthy stuff like sweets, fried food etc. and indulge in less physical activity. This along with hectic schedule that involves catching up with host of relatives and friends and social eating with Diwali, health often goes for a toss.

Here are some healthy habits you can follow during this festival season and have a healthy Diwali

Keep yourself hydrated – In the endless festivities and “catching up” we often end up eating more and consuming less of water. This may often lead to fatigue by the end of festival season. So keep yourself hydrated regularly. Use the eKincare Hydrocare App, if you tend to “forget” consuming water!

Keep a check on sweets & oily stuff – There are probably the most obvious culprits during the festival season. Keep a check on their consumption, have smaller portion sizes and consume healthier alternatives wherever possible!

Consume alternatives to sweets – For example, you can munch on dry fruits, many of which provide several health benefits, instead of calorie laden sweets! Or you can consume fruits instead of sweets, wherever possible!

Walk around – While taking some time out for physical exercise from your daily routine is the best option to keep physically active, you can also take small walks, if regular exercise doesn’t seem possible. Apart from that, you can take some small measures like avoid taking cars for small distances, climb the stairs or even walking around while talking on phone!

Apart from keeping yourself healthy, you can also give a gift of health to your loved ones! Make use of eKincare’s referral program, invite your friends and family members and give them gift of health! At the same time you can win lot of goodies!

Wishing everyone a happy, prosperous and a healthy Diwali!

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