5 myths about diabetes

common myths about diabetes

common myths about diabetes

Diabetes is considered as a silent killer since it can led to several other health complications. It is a progressive disease and usually worsens with time. However, with right diet and exercise, it can be kept in check to some extent.

Here are some common myths associated with diabetes!

  1. I should not  add sugar to my tea – Little sugar in the form of glucose / table sugar is effectively metabolized by the body and our brain needs some amount as an energy source. only when its excess, it causes harm. It is better to provide the body with small quantities of sugar at frequent intervals to prevent sweet cravings as well as maintain blood sugar levels
  2. Bread is not sweet in taste, so its better than banana– Bread – whether whole wheat, multi-grain or normal white …all bread contain maida ( refined wheat flour) as the primary ingredient. There are no two ways about it and no excuse justified enough to eat them with lite butter slathered all over. An occasional indulgence in a vegetable loaded sandwich or chenna toast or sprout stuffed sandwich is still forgivable. Banana has natural sugars and is a better choice than bread for effective blood sugar management.
  3. Crackers and multi-grain biscuits are a good snack option for me -Multi-grain, high fiber, sugar free, crackers or plain biscuits – none of these are free of maida and they cannot be made crisp enough without use of maida and lard (saturated fat). So steer away from these and please do not commit the crime of gifting cookies to small children. And yes, they are a powerhouse of brain damaging trans fats!
  4. Sugar free mithai is to be consumed freely – You may be lured by sugar free sweet spreads. Be judicious in choosing your indulgence because a sugar free pedha is only minus the sugar but what about the saturated fat in the mawa. Rather say yes to sweet prepared from dates and anjeer and nuts since they will do little harm to your blood sugars and also satisfy the sweet tooth!
  5. Brownie made with sugar free sweeteners are better – Artificial sweeteners are chemicals that your body is not trained to recognize and metabolize. Unless it is an occasional use for some sweet dishes, it is not advisable to consume them on daily basis.

For a diabetic, it is important to keep a track of health indicators. You can upload your medical records on eKincare and keep a track of your health indicators. Apart from storing your medical records, the portal can help you stay healthy by analyzing reports, using analytics  to detect chronic diseases early, helping you get regular checkups and follow-ups and by being your personal health manager.

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