5 myths about hypertension

myths about hypertension - high blood pressure

Hypertension is one of the most common lifestyle diseases globally. It is often the starting point of many cardiovascular diseases and is responsible for several deaths due to heart attack/ stroke. A recent study by eKincare across 6000 IT professionals across 30 companies in Hyderabad found out that 51% of them suffered from a high blood pressure. A blood pressure over 140/90 carries with it a risk of stroke, kidney diseases and heart diseases. Improper food habits, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, tobacco and alcohol consumption, chronic stress etc. are some of the leading causes of hypertension.

Here are some common myths associated with hypertension.

  1. My body needs some salt – Usually we do get enough amounts of sodium from natural food sources such as cereal grains, pulses and vegetables. The remaining requirements can be fulfilled by ½ tsp table salt throughout the day.
  2. Papad/pickle once in a day does no harm- These foods contain high amounts of salt because it is a preservative to improve shelf life.
  3. Ketchup and chutney are not sources of sodium- There are various salts of sodium used as preservatives and flavourings in processed foods.
  4. Cheese is not salty – Cheese contains large amounts of sodium to enhance taste and improve shelf life. So even though cheese is a good source of protein for children, it is important to make sure we are using it in moderation.
  5. Low salt foods is bland and distasteful – There are many other spices that can enhance taste of your meal such as lemon juice, tamarind, rock salt, etc. Salty taste is acquired and not present at birth. Babies do not know that dal needs to have salt; we make them develop the taste for salt in food.

Right diet along with right exercise can help you prevent hypertension. In order to keep a track of the vital indicators of your health, get your complete health checkup done on a regular basis. You can upload your medical reports on eKincare – Your Personal Health Manager & stay updated about your health indicators and take steps to stay healthy!

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