What is our body’s fat requirement?

our body's fat requirement

Fat is the most energy dense nutrient with 1 gm providing around 9kcal of energy. This has very important role to play and cannot be ignored or eliminated. However, most of us overuse this nutrient on a daily basis.

Total recommended fat intake is around 30-35% of total calories. For e.g. In a 1500 kcal diet, fat should be 45-50g which includes visible and invisible fat

Our requirement of visible fat including oil, ghee and butter is 3 tsp or 15g/day. This turns out to be 450ml (15oz)/person/month.

Requirement of invisible fat is 30-35g/day which can be acquired from walnuts (3-5 per day), almonds (handful a day), flaxseeds (3 teaspoons/day), fatty fish (salmon, mackerel 30-35g/ 2-3 times a week) and low fat milk and milk products.

Reduce harmful Invisible fat intake. Here are the ways you can reduce the intake of the harmful invisible fats.

  •         Avoid breads and bakery products made from refined wheat flour (cookies, cakes, muffins, etc
  •         Avoid fried foods, especially those fried in reused oil
  •         Use low fat milk
  •         Set curds using skimmed milk
  •         Prepare paneer/cottage cheese at home using skimmed milk
  •         Avoid readymade pickles.
  •         Use cheese in moderation

While, fats are important for nutrition, we often tend to be ignorant about right kinds of fats and are unclear about necessary fats & fats that can be harmful. It is important to have right kind of fats, without which you would be making yourself susceptible to several health disorders, including chronic conditions like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc.


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