Creating a healthier workforce

Creating a healthier workforce

It’s a well known fact that healthy employees show better productivity, as numerous studies have shown. Organizations which focus on health and well-being of employees usually report higher productivity, better morale & lower absenteeism. This leads to a win-win situation for both – employees as well as organization.

Some of the common issues that are seen across organizations are high stress levels, improper diet, irregular exercise, spending long hours in incorrect postures, issues like smoking & alcohol consumption etc. Consequently, several people suffer from conditions like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, back pain and many more. If not kept under check, some of these conditions can turn out to be quite severe, or even fatal.

A lot of this can be controlled with right guidance & proper steps. Some of these conditions can be kept in control or prevented altogether by translating each objective (e.g. managing weight, keeping blood sugar in check, etc.) into specific actionables.

Investment in employee health can yield great benefits for the organization – both at an individual employee level as well as organization level. With right approach & right partner, your organization can improve employee’s as well as organization’s health!

Here is a case study of an initiative taken by eKincare & the impact it had.

Case Study:

  • A mid-sized software company had a predominantly young workforce. While many of them didn’t have lifestyle diseases, their health indicators showed that they would be susceptible to lifestyle diseases in future.
  • The company had enrolled 64 people in the program to begin with. The objectives of the program were not just to improve health indicators but to sensitize the individuals to the functioning of their body so that they could take right steps to stay healthy.
  • The actionables included:
    • Right diet – Apart from ensuring a balanced diet with right nutrition, there was also a focus on the occasions when one had a tendency to consume lot of unhealthy food (which was usually during pre-lunch period and early in the evening).
    • Exercise – While a lot of the employees were young, many of them didn’t approach exercising with requisite seriousness. The focus was on getting them understand importance of getting right exercise as a mechanism to prevent lifestyle diseases & health issues and translating them into actionable milestones.
    • Regular communication by means of providing tips to lead a healthy life, along with specific action points.
    • Regular follow-ups, including personalized, condition-specific solutions and one-on-one counselling.
  • Over 3 months, following changes were visible:
    • Nearly 40% people reported improvement in energy levels and inch loss.
    • Over 40% people reported weight loss averaging over 2kg/ person
    • Improvement in blood pressure.
    • Improvement in issues related to menstrual cycles.

eKincare’s corporate wellness programs can help organization improve overall health profile of their employees, which can in turn lead to healthier & motivated employees as well as better productivity.

Know more about how eKincare can help you manage your corporate wellness programs. 

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