Tips to stay healthy during winters

tips to stay healthy during winters

It’s that time of the year again! The mercury has dipped and the winters are here. So is the time to pamper yourself with some good food, snuggling yourself inside the blanket, celebrate the festivities, and of course, make new year resolutions (which often centers around living a healthy life!). Winters are also the time when you become susceptible to several diseases that come with changing weathers. Here are some tips to keep yourself healthy during winters.

  • Take steps to increase your immunity – One is more susceptible to catching cold in winters. A well functioning immune system can help you prevent catching cold and flu. Eating food rich in Vitamin A, B, C, E and minerals like zinc, selenium, iron and copper can help you boost immunity. Consuming colourful seasonal fresh fruits like oranges, carrots etc. and dried fruits such as raisins, dates, apricots as well as nuts such as almonds, pistachios, etc can help you boost immunity.
  • Eat right -Winter is the time when metabolism speeds up to keep up with the changing temperatures and people often include lot of calorie rich food in their diet (usually, because they taste better!) and gain weight. Eat when you get hungry but make sure you are eating the right kind of foods.
  • Keep yourself hydrated – We often feel less thirsty during winters vis a vis summers. This sometimes leads us to not consuming enough water. So, ensure that you consume 8-10 cups of water regularly.
  • Exercise regularly – Winters are the time, when one often discovers the joy of sleeping for few minutes in the morning. And consequently, the exercise routine goes for a toss. Regular exercise can keep your immune system strong, relieve stress, help maintain weight & keep your body healthier!
  • Maintain proper hygiene – Isn’t it tempting to skip taking a bath when the mercury dips? Well, this becomes a perfect occasion for some harmful micro organisms to cause health issues! So, keep yourself clean, take regular baths, wash your hands thoroughly and take all measures to be hygienic

While one cannot control the weather conditions, one can definitely take steps proactively to ensure that they take steps to remain healthy irrespective of the changes in the weather!


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