Factors that influence emotional eating

factors that cause emotional eating

What are the factors that lead you to eat emotionally? Is it stress?  Or just that “you feel like it”? Or you happen to have access to unlimited food at a party or buffet?

In our earlier blog post we had a look at some aspects of emotional eating. Here, we’ll look into some reasons that cause people to indulge in emotional eating!

Stress and anxiety: Cortisol which is a hormone released during stressful situations also controls centers for appetite in the brain. Studies have shown that high secretion of this hormone may be responsible for specific cravings of sweet and salty foods in stressed individuals.

Idle mind: Most people who are idle may end up overeating more often than those who are occupied throughout the day. People who are more organized can carefully plan meal timings and composition to avoid having to choose from the fatty or sugary foods available outside home. Also, most homebound women find solace in food as their minds are pre-occupied with thoughts about foods that would be palatable and interesting for themselves and their family

Parties and social gatherings such as marriages: On these occasions we are spoilt for choices and feel the need to taste every item on the menu. We may be tempted by the lavish spread of rare delicacies which are not served and relished on normal days so we may stuff our plates with all the variety available. In marriages, the hosts may force us to eat some more, or we may eat to mingle with the crowd, or sometimes even when we are feeling awkward, lonely, insecure we may eat more.

Special combos and discounts: Now-a-days the newspapers carry advertisements of offers such as Small pizza free on 2 large ones, 1 doughnut free on purchase of 5, 1/2kg Ice cream free on 1 kg purchase, special discount coupons, etc. such offers may compel us to eat when not hungry.


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