How can you control emotional eating?

How can you control emotional eating

In our earlier blog posts we discussed about emotional eating and factors that cause emotional eating. While it is natural to have food cravings & hence propensity to overeat in certain situation or occasions, awareness about the same can also help you take steps to overcome emotional eating.

Here are 10 simple tips to overcome emotional eating!

  1. Maintain a genuine food diary to record events, places, emotions, etc that trigger emotional eating
  2. Lower tension and stress by adapting regular exercise regimen and mediation. Exercise causes the body to produce more endorphin which is a hormone responsible for the feeling of pleasure.
  3. Share your feelings with near and dear ones in order to reduce anxiety and frustration
  4. Avoid eating in front of the television since we may fail to recognize hunger cues
  5. Take small helpings of the variety of food you would like to try in a buffet
  6. Indulge in conversation at meal times to slow down pace of consuming food. One must take at least 20 minutes to complete a meal by ensuring thorough chewing and waiting period for the body to recognize satiety signals
  7. Declare your sincere weight loss/maintenance goals to family and well wishers
  8. Constantly think of the perfect physical image you wish to create for yourself. It may not be extra thin and glamorous but a reasonable weight which you may have maintained before and felt nice in.
  9. Stay away from discouraging and pessimistic friends or neighbours who have themselves failed in achieving their targets or are simply jealous of you.
  10. Politely decline food when already full to caring in-laws or relatives


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