How can you reduce the harmful effects of air pollution on your health?

how to reduce effect of pollution on your health

Air pollution is increasingly becoming a nightmare for several cities across the world. While Delhi has been in news recently due to high air pollution, it is one of the many cities affected! Vehicular traffic and industries are usually the chief culprits of causing air pollution.

Over last few decades air pollution has become one of the leading causes of health issues. Some chronic conditions like asthma are often a direct result of air pollution. Pollution also has a part to play in increased stress levels and cardiovascular diseases, among many others.

Here are some steps you can take to reduce the harmful effects of air pollution on your health:

– Ensure proper ventilation & intake of fresh air – be it at your home or while commuting.

– Avoid smoking or allowing people to smoke, especially in or around your home.

– Ensure that you get fresh air in the morning. You can go out for a jog early in the morning and/ or open the windows of your house during that time to let the fresh air come in.

– Schedule your workout routine in times when the pollution is less (often early mornings)

– If possible, tweak around your commute time so that you are less likely to get stuck in traffic jams & increase your exposure to air pollution.

– Consume food that are rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C as they can improve immunity and help in keeping breathing issues at bay!

– Cleanliness is important. Use non-toxic materials for cleaning. Avoid use of aerosols.

– Get house-plants. Even NASA has found that presence of plants improves the air quality!

While you can do your bit by not contributing to the air pollution, your exposure to air pollution may not always be under your control. Hence, it is better to take steps to minimize its harmful effects rather than falling prey to health issues because of it!


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