Do you have a persistent back pain?

how can you prevent back pain

Back pain is one of the often-ignored health conditions. It is something people often take lightly even though there are symptoms and don’t seek intervention before the “mild” back pain becomes a “chronic” or “severe” back pain. This is often manifested in form of a ache, tension or stiffness in your back. While back pain can affect any point near your vertebral column, lower back pain is the most common back pain.

In extreme cases back pain can even lead to conditions like slip disk or spondylitis.

In later stages of life, back pain may often end up becoming a chronic condition with no definitive cure and in this case the best one can do is to take measures to prevent it from worsening.

What are the triggers for back pain?

One of the most common triggers for back pain is incorrect posture. This can be your posture while sitting, standing, bending, lifting things, studying, exercising etc. – some things we often don’t pa much attention to.

Sedentary lifestyle where one tends to spend countless hours before the computer screen doesn’t help either.

Can you prevent back pain?

An active lifestyle with right postures can help you prevent back pain. Even in case of minor back pain, small lifestyle changes can prevent it from worsening and yu can be alright within few days.

However if you have persistent back pain, you need to visit a physician. Some of the ways back pain can be treated are:
– Lifestyle changes involving more activity, use of proper posture and specific physical exercises
– Strengthen your core. Walking and swimming are good exercises. Stretching exercises and improving flexibility may help. You can try yoga also.
– Heating pads and ice packs may help, especially if the pack pain is a result of some injury.
– Keep right posture while sleeping.
– Use of relaxation techniques – meditation, breathing exercise etc. may help reduce stress as well as reduce back pain!

A word of caution – If you have a persistent or severe back pain or back pain with some other ailment, see your as soon as possible since it may be a sigh of a bigger problem.

Prevention is better than cure. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle, and try to avoid back pain rather than find a cure later on!


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