Making a case for data driven corporate wellness & health coach programs

Investment in employee wellness can reap huge dividends – not just for the company, but also for the individual employees. And which organization wouldn’t like their employees to be healthy, motivated and more productive!?

Traditionally, very few companies had employees’ health and wellbeing high on their priority list. Barring few organizations, organizations neither had intent, nor the knowhow about this. However, of late, several organizations realized the importance of healthier employees. Healthier workforce helps organizations increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and increase motivation. This in turn not only benefits the employee but has impact on overall organization’s performance.

Unfortunately, a major chunk of health/ wellness budget in organizations is spent on activities that are not tracked. It is usually spent on certain health-related activities, but without any kind of measurement, you cannot know its effectiveness.

Hence, it is important for organizations to have a data driven approach for corporate wellness programs, so that they can ensure that the program is having the right kind of impact and is delivering the intended results.

eKincare recently worked with a mid-sized organization on their health coach program. The objective was to improve overall health of the employees over a period of three months.  This was tracked using the composite health score provided on eKincare platform, which provides an indication of one’s overall wellbeing. These were broken down into specific parameters (e.g. blood pressure, weight, blood sugar level, etc.) which provided actionable insights.

Based upon an initial checkup, the health indicators of all the participants of the program were tracked. This was done regularly throughout the duration of the campaign & this data was monitored regularly to track the improvement in the participants. Some of the activities that the Health Coach program involved were:

  • Regular counseling on lifestyle and diet based upon existing conditions
  • One on one discussion with nutritionist and doctors.
  • Call over telephone/ Skype with experts
  • Regular tracking of health indicators and health score.

Here are some of the results of the Health Coach activity undertaken:

Wellness Score of the 50 employees improved from 63 to 67 post the health coach program

health coach overall wellness score

This improvement in cumulative wellness score of the 50 employees participated in the health coach program helped improve the overall wellness score of the employees from 73 before the commencement of the program to 74.

Blood Pressure – 74% of the employees have lowered their systolic blood pressures & 56% of them have lowered diastolic blood pressures.

health coach improvement in blood pressure

Blood Sugar – 38% of the employees have lowered their blood sugar values

health coach improvement in blood sugar

BMI – 44% of the employees have lowered their weight

health coach improvement in BMI

Cholesterol – 48% of the employees have lowered their cholesterol levels

health coach improvement in cholesterol

Programs like Health Coach don’t just help to improve employees’ health but also orient them towards the path of a healthier lifestyle. However, without proper tracking mechanism this program will remain just a half- baked initiative. It is important to be updated about individual’s (consequently overall organization’s) health indicators and break this into specific action points to improve them.


eKincare’s Employee Wellness Program

eKincare’s Health Coach Program


Stay healthy with eKincare – your personal health manager!

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