Can stress be good?

  It’s almost become fashionable to say “ Oh! I am so stressed” Well, actually stress arising from certain situations is healthy and much needed. Firstly let’s gain an understanding of the body’s response to stress : What is the Stress Response? McLeod (2010)  defines Stress as a biological and psychological response experienced on encountering…

Post exercise essentials for weight loss success

Our body uses stored energy (glycogen) in your muscles to power through workout or sports. Hence, post workout, we need to replenish the nutrients lost, especially the important ones. If we really want to kick the flab, then we need to make way for the muscle. Replacing fat mass with muscle mass should be the…

Food you should eat before a workout

Pre workout meals / snacks As we start to get regular with our exercise regimen, we need to gradually plan snacks/ meals to be consumed before and after exercise What we eat before the exercise is important since we need to have enough energy to sustain the exercise at the level we intend to achieve….

Significance of Target Heart Rate (THR)

Significance of THR If your heart rate is too high, you’re straining. So slow down. If it’s too low, and the intensity feels “light” or “moderate/brisk,” you may want to push yourself to exercise a little harder. The target heart rate is extremely significant because  it is at this level that you actually reach the…

What is Target Heart Rate (THR) ?

The target heart rate is the pace of heart beat that enables body to burn substantial amount of calories stored as fat. It is calculated as 50 % , 85%, 100% , etc of the Maximum heart rate. A person’s expected maximum heart rate is about 220 minus age.

What does an abnormal heart rate indicate?

In our previous article we had a look at why it is important for you to measure your heart rate Here we’ll discuss what happens if your heart rate is not in the normal range. Abnormal heart rates can cause arrhythmia, bradycardia or tachycardia. Arrhythmia

Why is it important to track your heart rate?

Did you know? The number of times your heart beats in a minute says a lot about your level of fitness and is an indicator of impending health problems. The heart rate at rest also called the resting heart rate is the number of times our heart beats per minute while it’s at rest. We can check it…

Role of family history in diseases

There are several factors that contribute to a person falling prey to diseases/ health issues. A lot of them are external factors like environment, microorganisms, lifestyle etc. However, a chunk of these diseases can also be attributed to family history. Often if someone has, for instance, diabetes or cardiovascular disease, same is also likely to…

Whey water : Use it before you lose it!

Where does it comes from? In many Indian households, paneer/ chenna is prepared at home.  In addition to its use as paneer for a vegetable curry, chenna is widely used for making sweets such as sandesh or chenna payas. We often like the soft texture of fresh homemade paneer. Although there are many uses of the curdled milk…

Making your chapatis healthier!

Most Indians cannot imagine a day without roti/ chapati, especially if you come from the North. The Indian flatbread made out of whole wheat flour has been a favoured staple because of its satiety value and unique taste. The flatbread assumes different forms & names across the globe: