Is employee health the responsibility of employers?

Is employee health the responsibility of employers?

Is employee health the responsibility of employers?

Having a healthier workforce augurs well not just for the employees but for the employers as well. Several organizations have realized the importance of employee wellness programs and are investing in them to create a healthier workforce.  However, at the same time, there are some executive who do question if employee health is the responsibility of the employer? At the face of it, an individual is responsible for his/ her health. After all, it is their life that is impacted.

Yet, the health of employees can have a long lasting impact on organization’s overall health and well-being.

Some of the tangible benefits of healthier workforce include:

  • Improved workforce productivity
  • Better performance
  • Reduced absenteeism, hence lower man days lost
  • Lower healthcare costs & consequently greater savings in insurance.
  • Improvement in topline as well as bottom-line
  • A recent study has shown that Companies with best in class health programs have an edge in stock markets!


However, the benefit of healthier workforce goes beyond the tangible ones. Keeping your workforce healthier can have several intangible benefits like higher motivation, better employee morale, more energy in office, better work-life balance & increased sense of ownership, which can lead to better flow of ideas & better contribution to organization’s growth.

While it becomes important for employers to invest on employee health and wellness, their role, and that of wellness service provider is that of an enabler. They can drive the program and target certain outcomes, but the onus is often upon the individual employees to make the best out of their corporate wellness and health coach programs. As the old adage goes, you can get the horse to water, but you cannot make it drink it!

A focused approach on the part of the company’s management can set the course of action for healthier workforce. A data driven approach to employee wellness can enable organizations track employee wellness and know specific action points that can lead to healthier workforce. This approach can ensure that the money spent on employee wellness addresses the critical issues and hence delivers a good ROI.


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