Implications of heart diseases?

What are the implications of heart diseases?

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death in developed as well as developing countries. In addition to causing high mortality, heart disease also reduces the quality of life.

Dr. MSS Mukharjee, Founder & Director, Pulse Heart Center talks to eKincare about the health implications of heart diseases.

Eat local & seasonal!

Eat local & seasonal food

Isn’t it refreshing to buy fresh fruits and vegetables directly from people who grow them! Farmers’ markets are usually seen once a week in different places and patrons eagerly wait to purchase their weekly quota from here. The primary factors drawing the consumers towards farmers markets as against supermarkets are quality, freshness and prices of the produce.  

But, not everybody is willing to take the pains of going to the local market and selecting each vegetable with all the heat, dust and pollution on the roadside.  There are several other easier options available to shop for perishables.Read More »

What are the causes of heart diseases?

There are several causes of heart diseases. The major causes of heart diseases include high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, increased cholesterol levels, sedentary lifestyle, family history and eating unhealthy food.

Dr. MSS Mukharjee, Founder & Director, Pulse Heart Center talks to eKincare about different causes of heart diseases.


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What does your cupcake contain?

Are cupcakes healthy

Cupcakes are becoming more and more popular now with a huge amount of options available in different flavours, shapes and sizes. Bakers are using their creativity to present the most delectable and tempting cupcakes that can totally indulge all our senses. Cupcakes are replacing the traditional sweets at birthday parties, mariage invitations, for birth announcements and various other occasions. But, all that crumbling goodness has high chances of over indulgence leading to several health risks.

As we discussed in our earlier blogs, bakery products are avoidable due to the long list harmful ingredients and cupcakes surely feature amongst the top few.

Primary Ingredients used in cupcakesRead More »

What causes heart diseases?

What causes heart diseases?

Heart is one of the most important organs of the body. It is basically a kind of pump which supplies blood to different parts of the body. This blood supplies oxygen and other nutrients that is needed for proper functioning of the body. At the same time, carbon dioxide and other wastes are removed through the body through the blood. Arteries supply fresh blood to the tissues while veins carry the waste blood. The heart contains electrical “pacemaker” cells, which cause it to contract — producing a heartbeat.

Even a momentary lapse in functioning of the heart can have far reaching consequences, which can often be fatal.Read More »

9 important micronutrients in the diet of Tuberculosis patients

9 important micronutrients in the diet of Tuberculosis patients

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease usually caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis bacteria. Tuberculosis generally affects the lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body.Cough that lasts for several weeks, and is sometimes accompanies by blood in cough is one of the major symptoms of TB, Other symptoms may include chest pain, fever, fatigue, unintentional weight loss etc.

Role of micronutrients in tuberculosis

Because of diverse metabolic characteristics and functions, micronutrients have presently been accepted as essential for optimum human health. Micronutrients deficiency is considered to be the most frequent cause of secondary immunodeficiency and infection related morbidity including tuberculosis.Read More »