How diabetes impacts your ageing body?

How diabetes impacts your ageing body?

How diabetes impacts your ageing body?

Diabetes is a long-term medical condition that develops due to prolonged high levels of sugar in blood. It is typically manifested when:

– Body fails to produce insulin at all (leading to type 1 diabetes), or

– When it doesn’t produce enough insulin for proper functioning (leading to type 2 diabetes).

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes.

Diabetes is often labeled as a silent killer since it can cause several health complications in long run. It is a progressive disease and can often worsen with time. A huge chunk of population is, in fact, unaware that they have diabetes!

Too much blood sugar/ glucose can damage the blood vessels and nerves that run across your body. Over a period of time diabetes can worsen and can lead to one or more of the following:

– Heart disease

– Heart attack/ Stroke

– Kidney disease

– Vision problems (which can worsen and lead to even blindness)

– Damage to feet

Prolonged diabetes not only affects quality of life, but also a person’s lifespan. As of now, unfortunately there is no known cure for diabetes. At best, it remains a disease that can be managed.

However, with proper awareness and right steps, people with diabetes can live long, healthy lives. This would require some adjustments to their daily routine. Regular exercise and balanced diet are an important part of this routine. In addition, most people may require regular medications including medicines and/ or insulin injections.

It is important to watch out for one’s weight and changes in it.

Prevention is better than cure! If you don’t have diabetes you need to take steps to avoid it. While existing family condition may be a factor causing diabetes, there is not much can do about it. However, one can alter his/ her lifestyle to incorporate balanced diet and regular exercise in their routine and reduce the chances of getting diabetes.


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