How can you deal with stress?

Individual responses to stress

Stress tolerance is the power to endure stress. If you feel stress, lose against or don’t feel stress – it depends on your stress tolerance. A person’s tolerance to stress is not only different according to the person but is also influenced by time and condition. So tolerance to stress may differ largely to the same person according to the time and condition in which it is experienced. Mainly, the personality and physique, environment and condition change the strength of tolerance to stress.

The trick to coping with stress is not to expect that you can eliminate it; but rather, to manage the symptoms of stress. While teaching you how to do that has become a multi-million dollar industry, in the end, it all boils down to a few good tried-and-true skills you can learn and the willingness to work at it.

How to deal with stress?

Believe it or not – Stress in a person’s life can indeed be a positive aspect in which it adds flavor to our challenges! When you are stressed out, one can think of stress as a positive addition to life in which it helps to motivate and drive you to meet your goals.  Sometimes it helps to just think positive during stressful times!

However, this is not always the case. Stress has several downsides and one must learn to deal with it effectively, else it may impact one’s overall health and well-being in long run.

Stress can also have negative effects on a person.  It can be mentally and physically defeating.  The amazing thing about the negative side of stress is that there are ways that can help a person deal with the demands of everyday life.  So, when you are overwhelmed with juggling multiple things like  work, finances, relationships, or anything else just take a deep breath and realize that there is hope for feeling better!

It is important to realize that all people are different and the ways in which they handle stress are also different.  What may be stressful to you may not be to another!

Here are some tips you can follow to deal with stress:

  • Be Realistic— Prioritize your duties. Keep in mind that it is not possibly be in numerous places at one time! Learn to say no.
  • Meditate—Try to take some time out from your hectic schedule.  
  • Avoid the quest for perfection in everything. Many a times, it is small things that add up and create stress in life!
  • Be regular with exercise. A healthy body helps in dealing with stress. 
  • Have a balanced and healthy diet & take care of your health.
  • Share your feelings with family, friends, significant others, counselors.
  • Have a positive attitude towards life!

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