5 pillars for an impactful corporate wellness program

5 pillars for an impactful corporate wellness program

5 pillars for an impactful corporate wellness program

On a typical working day, a professional working in a corporate setup spends major chunk of his/ her waking hours at workplace. A major proportion of time spent at a workplace is sedentary – either in front of computer screens or meeting rooms. At the same time, eating habits tend to become irregular, with lot of unnecessary junk and unhealthy food thrown in. Use of tobacco and consumption of alcohol is not uncommon. These lifestyle habits, coupled with chronic stress that many professionals experience can give rise to several lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes etc.

Healthy employees make a healthy organization. Healthier employees are more likely to be motivated and deliver better output. Organizations with healthier employees have higher productivity, lower absenteeism and usually lower attrition.

Hence, it becomes imperative for organizations to invest in corporate wellness. A right corporate wellness program can go a long way in making the workforce healthier and more productive.

Here are 5 pillars of an impactful corporate wellness program.

1. Right alignment

Corporate wellness is not just a prerogative of few. Rather, the entire organization must be involved and take steps to be healthier. This should be driven by leaders, right from the CEO. Making middle management involved in the program can help in getting better participation and hence drive better results.

2. Accessibility

The corporate wellness program should be accessible to all employees. This includes access to right information, expert help, health coach program, problem solving and much more.

3. Relevance

The corporate wellness program must be relevant to the user. There is no point in spending the wellness budget in the direction where you may not see impact. Different people in the workforce may have different requirement, so your corporate wellness program must be customized to fit into individual requirements. A data driven corporate wellness program can ensure that your corporate wellness program stays relevant. Health analytics has become very relevant with the current advances in technology as well as data science capabilities, and there is no reason why one cant leverage analytics to drive effective wellness initiatives

4. Right communication

Timely and relevant communication is important for success of corporate wellness initiatives. This can comprise of regular newsletters, health related tips, one-on-one chats/ calls and more. Apart from communication from service provider partners, the organization must ensure regular communication from manager & organizational leadership as well.

5. Measuring the results

Tracking the progress of participants can help ensure that efforts are being made in right direction and achieving desired impact. This can also ensure that participants are chasing the right goals and taking proper steps towards the direction. These results measurement should be done at individual employee level by means of tracking various health indicators, as well as organizational level by means of right analytics.


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