Significance of Preventive healthcare

As we age our responsibilities, expectations and demands increase. The age between 30 to 50 years is supposed to be the most productive age for most and also the most demanding. Its paramount that we keep ourselves fit to be able to cope with the pressures of life. Most of the studies across the world…

Watermelon the perfect summer snack

Summers’ are synonymous with heat, sweat, dehydration and the refreshing watermelon! If you thought that watermelons are just a thirst quenching summer treat then think again. Most people think watermelon is just water and sugar as it contains 92% of water, but its packed with nutrients that makes it the ideal snack to beat the…

Potassium – causes of low or high levels in your body

In our last blog we discussed about the importance of potassium in human body. Potassium is a chemical (electrolyte), critical for the proper functioning of nerve and muscles cells, particularly heart muscle cells. However, one must understand that too low or too high levels of it can have adverse effects on our body. Let’s look…

How does Potassium help your body

When you talk about nutrients, minerals or chemicals that are essential for healthy functioning of our body, potassium is probably not one that springs to your mind. According to Mayo Clinic, Potassium is a chemical (electrolyte) is critical for the proper functioning of nerve and muscles cells, particularly heart muscle cells.

Personal health records – Benefits

In our last blog we discussed the significance of having a personal health record system and how it helps you and your doctor to assess, track and stay informed about your health.

Personal health record – A tool to manage your health better

All of us at one point or other go through a phase where we personally experience or are managing people with multiple medical conditions. We all know the stress of managing doctor visits, multiple medications, remembering appointments, etc. Keeping track of it all can be a challenge. With personal health record management system, you can…

Vaccination for Adults

When you talk about immunization, most people think it’s for children only. However, many physicians will tell you that adult vaccination is the most ignored part of healthcare services. 

Super foods – Ragi

Finger millet (Eleusine coracana L.) also known as Ragi in  southern India and Nachni in northern India is one of the important cereals, nutritionally it is higher in protein and minerals in comparison to other cereals and millets. It is a great source of protein and minerals, making it ideal source of nutrition for vegetarians….

5 important reasons to vaccinate your child

You want to do what is best for your children. You know about the importance of car seats, baby gates and other ways to keep them safe. But, did you know that one of the best ways to protect your children is to make sure they have all of their vaccinations?

Lifestyle habits of healthy families

Happy families are often healthy families! Have you were wondered how they keep themselves healthy. We have seen too many parents stress out regarding food habits, lack of physical activity and health of their kids, not realizing that kids are mostly influenced by the habits and lifestyles of their parents. Read on to know a…

Vitamin D and its benefits

Vitamin D is important for good overall health and strong and healthy bones. It’s also an important factor in making sure your muscles, heart, lungs and brain work well and that your body can fight infection. Your body can make its own vitamin D from sunlight. You can also get vitamin D from supplements and small…

Food habits of healthy families

Healthy families are often happy families. If appropriate health measures are adopted by the family members from the beginning then they become a habit rather than a chore ! Next generation learns from the earlier one and the wellness tradition continues. Here are some food habits of healthy families