Balancing Work & family life


Balancing work and family life is never easy, but it always helps to take a step back and prioritize. Here are some tips that you could help you regain that balance. 

Toss those Feelings

Feelings of guilt is a serious issue for many parents who work, especially mothers who feel the social pressure to stay home. Here are two reasons to rethink work and give yourself a break:

  1. Do a reality check and look around you, there are not really too many single income households. With the current cost of living, most of us need two incomes to take care. So relax and let go of that guilt.
  2.  A 2015 Harvard study showed that the children of women who work benefit greatly from Mom’s job. Boys who grow up with working mothers chip in more with housework and childcare as adults, and are more likely to support their partner’s career. Girls with working mothers grow up to have more equal relationships that are less abusive, and to make more money themselves.

Build a Support System That Works for You

Lot of parents, spend too much time commuting from day care centers in different parts of city to taking their kids to a sports, music practice. Spending too much of our time in our cars getting frustrated. Remember that we are social beings and not alone — we really can ask for help and share some responsibilities.

  • Divide tasks: Ensure you and your partner divide everything, whether it is household chores or taking part in the after school activities . If your partner has really hectic schedule, then figure out a way where they can both take up a task and also get to spend some time with you and kids, like taking kids to the weekend sports practice.
  • Rely on family: If you have available grandparents (or other trustworthy relatives), give them a chance to be a big part of your child’s life by taking on the piano or swim lessons. But ensure you don’t over burden them with these responsibilities to the point were they start avoiding/ complaining about it.
  • Use your community: If you need to take pressure off of your commute in the morning, ask a neighbor if your kids can ride or walk to school with their family. Your children learn the value of cooperation and independence, and you can return the favor in other ways and on other days.

Turn Off, Tune In

Family, kids can be a great stress buster. Whenever you are going through lot of stress related to your work, then take time off and spend some time with your family and kids. This will not only help you get over the stress but also allows to spend some quality time with your family.

Stop Measuring Yourself Against Others

For every perfect facebook parent, there are thousands of who are making it work every day, somehow.

Work-life balance isn’t about figuring out how to do it all, or figuring out how to make those perfect cupcakes for every school event. Work-life balance is the balance that works for you and your family. Sometimes your kids might eat the leftover pizza for breakfast because you just couldn’t drag yourself to the grocery store the night before.

Stay Healthy

Last but the most important thing take care of your health. Falling sick with demands of work & family will only make it worse, not just for you but everyone around. So ensure you follow healthy lifestyle, its also a great way to spend time with family – instead of spending time in front of the TV, go for a walk, play a sport with your partner. Start tracking your and your family’s health, so that you can spot any health issues early. It saves you time, money and stress associated with handling serious illness.

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