Lifestyle habits of healthy families


Happy families are often healthy families! Have you were wondered how they keep themselves healthy. We have seen too many parents stress out regarding food habits, lack of physical activity and health of their kids, not realizing that kids are mostly influenced by the habits and lifestyles of their parents. Read on to know a few healthy lifestyle habits of healthy families

Making fitness fun – If you have been approaching fitness as a task/ goal then getting your family involved is very difficult, especially the kids. Instead trying making it fun and part of your routine. As attitudes toward health and fitness begin forming in a child’s early years and therefore fun, variety and excitement are crucial elements in motivating youngsters. Age-appropriate structured activities help kids gain strength, balance, coordination, fine and gross motor proficiency, agility, flexibility and social skills. Children delight in getting to know and control their own bodies. As an added bonus, the thrill of accomplishment from achieving a physical task builds self-esteem and confidence – characteristics that carry over into all aspects of a child’s life. 

Curb the addictions – Smoking and alcoholism among parents seem to have greater impact on child’s emotional and psychological state than just physical or physiological status, the child’s subconscious mind registers that these additions are not pleasing to the society and they may resent these habits among parents. There is also evidence of some amount of genetic inheritance of the smoking habit by children of parents who smoke. It is best to curb these addictions even before one decides to start a family.

Roam around together – Visiting new places locally or going on short vacations not only provide time for bonding but can also be effective in inculcating health and fitness. Firstly, while traveling one has to try the local cuisines and adjust to the available food options. This makes both children and adults more flexible in their food choices. Also, traveling often involves lots of physical activity in terms of walking, trekking, sight-seeing, etc which enhances the fitness levels for all.

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