Personal health record – A tool to manage your health better


All of us at one point or other go through a phase where we personally experience or are managing people with multiple medical conditions. We all know the stress of managing doctor visits, multiple medications, remembering appointments, etc. Keeping track of it all can be a challenge. With personal health record management system, you can store and manage all that information in one easily accessible location.

What is a personal health record?

A personal health record is simply a collection of data/  information about your health. If you have been maintaining a file or box with the prescriptions, lab reports or any other medical papers, you already have a basic personal health record. You must also be familiar with the situation of having to search, sort or organize these files for yourself and your family and yet find it difficult to have them all in a order when you need them.

Electronic personal health record systems solve that problem by helping you organize all of your personal health information at one location and making it  accessible to you anywhere, anytime – Computer, smartphone or tablet.

What information goes into a personal health record?

Since it is your personal health record, you can decide what information to put in it. Generally, the purpose of having a personal health record is to help yourself and your care givers (family, doctors, healthcare providers) manage your health better. So, the health record needs to have information starting from the basics –

  • Your emergency profile – name, age, vitals (height, weight, blood group)
  • Any allergies, including drug allergies
  • Your medications, including dosages
  • Chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure
  • Major surgeries, with dates
  • Family medical history
  • Immunization history

You should also add information about your current or latest medical condition, such as:

  • Results or medical reports of all your medical tests
  • Recent blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Lifestyle – frequency of exercise, dietary habits, consumption of alcohol, smoking

All these details will help your doctor understand your health and treat you better. Also,advanced personal health record platforms help you with insights and recommendations on how to improve your health.

In our next blog, we will look at the benefits of using personal health record platforms

Have you got your personal health record ? If YES – then tell us how you benefit from it

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Stay healthy with eKincare – your personal health manager!



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