Personal health records – Benefits


In our last blog we discussed the significance of having a personal health record system and how it helps you and your doctor to assess, track and stay informed about your health.

Here we look at the benefits of personal health record platform.

What are the benefits of a personal health record platform?

A personal health record platform can be a lifesaver, in an emergency the doctor can quickly get vital information, such as a disease you’re being treated for, previous surgeries or hospitalizations, medications you take, drug allergies, and your family history.

A personal health record platform not only allows you to share information with your doctors but also helps you to manage your health. A personal health record platform enables you to:

  • Track, assess and stay informed about your health. Record and track your progress toward your health goals, such as lowering your cholesterol level, blood sugar and blood pressure levels.
  • Meaningful doctor visits. With all your medical information at one place, you are better informed and can be ready with questions for your doctor and the doctor will be able to diagnose you better as he has access to your complete medical information you want to share, be it your recent BP, Sugar readings or past lab results, your lifestyle, family medical history, allergies, medications and immunizations.
  • Manage your health from anywhere, anytime. Upload and analyze data from portable-monitoring devices such as a blood pressure monitor, blood sugar devices from anywhere and anytime. And remind yourself of your doctor’s instructions from your last appointment.
  • Get reminders. Track appointments, vaccinations, and preventive health checks. In fact, a recent study found that when parents used personal health records for their children, the children were more likely to get their preventive well-child checkups on time.

Are there any concerns that you should be worried about ?

Perhaps the most common concerns about personal health records are about privacy and security. To address these concerns, reputable electronic personal health record systems follow industry best practices, such as making their privacy policies public and submitting to monitoring by independent organizations. In addition, government laws have been put in place to to protect the security of personal health information.

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