Passive smoking and its effect on your health

World no tobacco day

How many times have you just accompanied your friend for a “sutta break” even though you do not smoke. Sometimes, as a subordinate , you are forced to be a part of the break. As a wife, you often sit in the car while your husband smokes. Young children get uncomfortable but do not condemn parents for smoking because they love unconditionally and of course the unborn baby in the mother’s womb can’t do much about the choking smoke. Did you know that being a passive smoker puts you at greater health risks than the smoker itself!Read More »

Can diabetics have Raisins?

Raisins and diabetes


Dried fruits often help as a great snacking option to satisfy  hunger pangs between meals. But within this category, only almonds and walnuts are considered healthy by many. If you tell an obese or diabetic that even dates and raisins can be consumed , they are shocked!

Ask a diabetic whether they eat raisins, they will quickly say- No, how can we; it is so sweet. Ask them if they consume white bread, they will say- yes , I do have it atleast 2-3 times/ week.Read More »

A marathon for a biryani!

Biryani meal

A typical friday or a weekend lunch for many hyderabadis is spent with either colleagues, friends or family and the preferred dish on the menu is the “all time favourite hyderabadi chicken biryani!”. It’s often accompanied with a soft drink and a dessert – again the hyderabadi favourite “double ka meetha”. For a hardcore biryani fan, a week without a biryani is unimaginable! But have you ever wondered what it takes to burn off the calories from your hyderabadi meal?Read More »