6 tips to build corporate wellness culture

tips to build corporate wellness culture

tips to build corporate wellness culture

Wellness, is a term most of us have often come across in mailers sent by the HR department, asking you to complete your Health risk assessments (HRA) or to get you annual health check done. But “Wellness” goes far beyond just filling out HRA questionnaire or taking a biometric test. Of course a HRA/ biometric are the starting points of wellness programs, but for most companies that’s about how far the wellness program goes. Ironically, when you weigh the benefits of building a good wellness culture, the benefits for the employer are far greater than that for the employee. A healthier work force means lesser absenteeism, better morale, lower costs of health insurance and ultimately better productivity.

As we mentioned, HRA / Biometric tests/ Annual health checks are all part of a wellness program, in isolation each of these fulfils only few short terms goals, while wellness or good health is a long term affair. Therefore in order to build a long lasting culture one needs to have a long term view and invest time and energy to execute the plan. Here are some tips to build a culture of wellness at your organisation

  • Needs to start from the top

    If you want to build a culture, it needs to start from the top, especially health, the top management needs to actively endorse and involve themselves in all the initiatives. If the CEO or founder is someone who is health and fitness person then it’s even better as it’s bound to have a positive rub off on the entire organisation.

  • Set up a wellness calendar

    It makes sense to invest some time and chalk out a yearly wellness calendar. Make sure you make it holistic by including events like marathons, annual health checks, health talks, Detox days, etc and they need not be all around health only, wellness is also about being mental wellbeing too. So any activity which can help your employees to take their minds off work, help them be physically active and are fun to do like team outings, community welfare programs, etc should also be included. Having a calendar gives enough time to create a buzz and to plan and execute better.

  • Educate

    A lot of times all that an individual needs is the right information/ education to set him on a path of wellness. So ensure you provide them with the right resources, be it informative health blogs, newsletters, talks, etc. This would be the simplest thing to do, as you will find quite a few health experts who would be more than willing to do free health talks if you can promise them a good audience.

  • Provide healthy options

    Help your employees to choose healthy options, junk that cola at the birthday party, don’t order that pizza and substitute the overly processed foods in the cafeteria with some fresh fruit and salads.

  • Reward and recognition

    People thrive on positive feedback, it’s a great motivational tool. So come up with a simple rewards or recognition plan, it can be as simple as a monthly letter of appreciation for the employees that are going that extra mile to stay healthy.

  • Get the experts

    Get a professional corporate wellness firm on-board for your annual health programs, they will help you plan and execute it better. They can give you insights that will help you customize the wellness / annual health programs to your organisation, trimming down both the cost and the time taken to execute the program.

When the employees understand how much the company cares about each individual person, then people will work harder, be more dedicated and can more easily operate as one unit. Ultimately the health of employees will impact the health of the business.


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