Choose coconut oil for all seasons… for all the healthy reasons

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In most parts of India, coconut oil is mostly considered as a hair oil and people are apprehensive about its use in daily cooking. Also, it has earned a bad reputation because it contains up to 90% saturated fats. However, recently  coconut oil has come in the limelight for its vast benefits on heart health. Coconut oil, which has been most popular among South Indians who use it extensively for cooking and deep frying, is now one of the hottest selling health product in the US market as well. It imparts a very peculiar flavour to the food which can be loved by many but also equally disliked by some others.Read More »

How to manage elevated triglycerides

Indian population with predisposition to fat deposit in the abdominal area is more prone to high triglycerides than cholesterol. High waist circumference is a clear indication of high fat percentage in the body and an elevated triglyceride is a direct test to confirm the same. Although triglycerides is an important test within the lipid profile , it is often not understood by many. High triglycerides can independently increase risk of heart diseases and needs to be treated as seriously as high cholesterol.The management approach to high triglycerides is similar to that of cholesterol but additional points have to be remembered.

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Fatty liver resulting from excess fat!

Obesity is accompanied by several co-morbidities due to accumulation of excess fatty tissue. This fat can even form a layer/coating on the liver impairing its functioning and gradually causing destruction of cells often termed as fatty liver of the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).  In India, 9-32% of the general population is known to have fatty liver with incidence being higher in those who are obese or suffering from diabetes. Although fatty liver disease is known to occur in middle age and old age , with the increasing obesity prevalence at young age, abnormal liver enzymes may be seen much earlier.Read More »

Utilizing the waste to the fullest- wheat bran

In continuation with our post on best out of waste, we present to you – Wheat bran! Wheat is the second highest consumed grain in India after rice. The bran fraction of wheat is rich in fiber, minerals, vitamin B6, thiamine, folic acid and vitamin E and some phytochemicals. These multiple nutrients are available only when we utilize or retain the bran layer of the wheat instead of milling it to produce the refined wheat flour being used rampantly in processed foods. Read More »

One of the best oils made from waste – Rice bran Oil !

Often thrown away as waste product of milling, bran is the part of cereal grain which is particularly rich in dietary fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Especially, the essential fatty acids or oil present in the bran layer of rice is being touted as one of the  most superior oils with ideal ratios of fatty acids desirable for good health and prevention of heart diseases.Read More »