Acanthosis nigricans- Skin pigmentation that needs attention

Blackening or pigmentation of the skin especially around the neck, armpit, groin, etc is not taken very seriously considering it to be an effect of ageing, pregnancy, skin allergy , etc. But actually, this kind of pigmentation , called as acanthosis nigricans, is a sign of insulin resistance or impending risk of type 2 diabetes. The affected skin appears dark, velvety and thickened or rough. It is a marker of insulin resistance which is resistance to action of insulin occurring in individuals with higher amounts of body fat (abdominal obesity) or impaired glucose tolerance.


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Bad genes do not necessarily land you with heart disease

Often we find excuses for not living a healthy life. Especially individuals with a strong family history of diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease think that they are bound to inherit the disease due to genetic predisposition and can’t do much to change it. But actually, not all is determined by the DNA and investing in a healthy diet and lifestyle definitely yields long term rewards.

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Preventing loss of vision among diabetics

Diabetic eye disease.pngThe number of diabetics in Hyderabad stands at 10 lakh. Among these, patients who have uncontrolled diabetes for a duration of more than 5 years are susceptible to the complications of high blood sugar. About 30% of diabetics may develop diabetic retinopathy, especially those who are suffering for 10 years or more. Unfortunately, diabetic retinopathy is detected at later stages when much damage has already occurred for the simple reason that there are very few apparent symptoms seen. In fact, sometimes vision problems lead to the diagnosis of diabetes.

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