Heat maps for Employee Health Insights

An organisation spends approximately 1500 Rs/annum per employee for covering their medical check up costs. In top corporates, these costs contribute to 65-70% of their total annual employee benefits expense. But, the organisation’s prime concern to implement intervention programs is still unmet given their inability to identify health risks concerning their employees.

Out of the two main grave concerns creating bottlenecks in this process, the first is unavailability of employee medical reports’ data flowing back to the employer’s database from diagnostic centers. The second being, lack of structure and standardization in the medical reports to directly infer about the employee base.

At eKincare, with our exhaustive network of DCs across 33 Indian cities and deployable APIs, ‘ekincare connect’ brings back the medical data from multi-sources in minutes post generation by labs and ‘ekincare platform’ analyzes results to depict the anonymized health risks in the most comprehensible format real time.

Post deployment of eKincare’s Wellness solution by a leading healthcare MNC for their employees, our suggested relevant health tests and mapped employees based on their demographics helped them reduce 35% of their health check costs. We also identified the high risk areas amongst employees post screening for further wellness engagement, thus ensuring outcome and ROI.

Author: Pooja

Marketing Manager @ eKincare

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