Flu shots during pregnancy

During pregnancy, several physiological changes occur in the immune system, heart and lungs making these women more prone to illness or infections. Contracting flu during pregnancy raises risk of complications such as premature labour and delivery, and  a flu vaccine can reduce that risk. Vaccinating the mother also protects the baby

Need to avoid nicotine exposure during pregnancy

Smoking or nicotine exposure during pregnancy increases health risks for the baby as well as the mother. Even second hand smoke is extremely dangerous for both and must be avoided as much as possible. American Lung Association states that smoking during pregnancy is the cause for: 20-30% Low Birth weight babies 14% preterm deliveries 10%…

Caution about caffeine during pregnancy

Even if you have always needed that ‘caffeine kick’ several times through the day, for the expecting mothers this addiction needs to be kept under check.  In moderate amounts, caffeine is not that harmful with only temporary stimulation or diuretic effect. But, caffeine is present in the tea, coffee, cold drinks and

Save babies from toxic A1 milk

Mothers milk is the elixir of life for the baby and with all the speculation surrounding milk proteins and their effects on health; it feels necessary to clarify that mother’s milk contains A2 casein proteins. Most of the casein in mother’s milk is A2 type beta-casein which is better

Go Desi: Choose A2 milk instead of A1

Milk, considered as complete food for centuries, was consumed extensively by our ancestors, scholars and saints to maintain a healthy and wholesome life. That is because they had access to the pure and truly nourishing A2 milk available from

Why modern day milk is termed as white poison?!

The story behind the toxi-fication of milk in India dates back to the 1970’s. Operation Flood, also called white revolution of India, was started by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1970s to increase milk production, boost rural production and offer fair prices to consumers. India became the largest producer of Milk and Milk Products….

Why pregnant women should be screened for Hepatitis B ?

Screening for Hepatitis B is usually done at the first prenatal visit for 95% women but these women are not identified and followed –up sufficiently. Once a pregnant woman tests positive for Hepatitis B, she should be carefully monitored and given timely intervention during delivery to prevent

Optimum weight gain during pregnancy

Being pregnant does not give women a license to gain oodles of weight as is the case with most affluent Indian women. At the same time, the pregorexic (overly restricting energy intake and overexercising) mothers need to be cautioned regarding inadequate weight gain to prevent compromised nutrition to the baby throughout pregnancy as well as…

Swine flu alert in Telangana -5 preventive measures

Fresh cases of swine flu are being detected every day in Telangana with 25 of the 68 cases tested as positive very recently. Rising cases are a matter of concern as swine flu is often associated with mortality due to lowered immunity

Vital vitamin D during pregnancy

More than 8 in 10 pregnant women in India have low levels of Vitamin D putting them as well as the offspring at serious health risks. The high prevalence of this vitamin deficiency in pregnant women is a matter of public health concern. Experts recommend Vitamin D supplementation throughout pregnancy and lactation for mothers to

Bananas for better bone health?

Some people believe that bananas are good for the bones because they contain lots of calcium. It is true that bananas are beneficial for bones but just because bananas are white, they cannot be assumed to be rich in calcium