world water Day.pngThere is much emphasis on water as a valuable yet exhaustible resource but very few of us are taking right steps towards efficient use and conservation. In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly officially designated March 22 as World Water Day. The 2015 Sustainable development goals aim at providing access to safe water by 2030.

On this World Water Day, we are sharing some simple tips on making the most of the available water

Sit to drink: Every time you want to drink water, sit down. Drinking water while standing prevents proper retention of the fluid by the body and may put negative pressure on the nerves.  Although there is not sufficient scientific research supporting this contention, it is a harmless but useful habit that needs to be cultivated in adults and children.

Sip slowly rather than gulping: Sipping water slowly helps to quench thirst and also helps body absorb it better.

Want not, waste not: Often when we have access to free bottled water, we tend to misuse it. Once opened; we do not finish the water at one go and leave the bottles anywhere because it is free and we can take another bottle when we feel thirsty next. One should respect the fact that even though it is free, water cannot be wasted as it remains a precious resource

Avoid drinking from plastic bottles: If you really need drinking water to nourish your body the way it should, then avoid drinking from plastic bottles unless left with no other option. It is prudent to carry a steel flask for drinking water on-the-go, it keeps water cool and non-odorous. At home, it is easy to store water in glass jars or earthen pots or even brass vessels.

Recycle always: Any kind of water, whether that left over in the glass/ bottle, that obtained from washing vegetables or cooking, that used for laundry, etc is not to be discarded. Simply pour the water into plants or just on the ground.

Make sure to value the water that is available to you!


Author: drpoojachhawcharia

Dr Pooja Chhawcharia is the Senior Nutritionist at eKincare with over 7 years of experience in Nutrition education, diet counseling and research. She is a Registered Dietician with the Indian Dietetic Association and Certified Diabetes Educator recognized by the International Diabetes federation . She is also interested in ancillary sciences such as Yoga and Naturopathy.

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