Benefits of HIIT – High Intensity Interval training

Benefits of HIIT - High Intensity Interval training

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a kind of workout which alternates between a period of intense activity with a period of relatively less intensity workout.

For example, if you are working out on a treadmill, you can run for 1 minute at a high speed, then walk for 2 minutes, and then again run for 1 minute at high speed. This way, in a span of 15 minutes, you will have around 5 minutes of intense activity and 10 minutes of relative calm.

HIIT can be particularly helpful if you are hard pressed for time. So, for instance, if you can spare only 15 minutes for a workout in the morning, you can pack in a HIIT routine in between.

Researches have shown that HIIT is usually more effective as opposed to equivalent time spent in doing a lesser intensity activity consistently. For instance, a 15 minute of HIIT activity on treadmill will be more effective than a slow and steady jog for 15 minutes!

Here are some benefits of HIIT:

  • HIIT can help you build a healthier heart. HIIT can help you hit the anaerobic zone, which can benefit the heart. It can also help you boost flexibility and strength of arteries.
  • HIIT can help to boost your metabolism
  • Burns more calories in less time! It not just burns calories during the workout, but even after it too!
  • It can boost your endurance, as it involves period of intense activity.
  • You can pack more workout in lesser time!
  • You don’t need many equipments to start HIIT! You may just go out for a run and walk and start HIIT. In HIIT the focus is on making heart healthier rather than strengthen a muscle group;

While HIIT has several benefits, you must be careful not to jump into it. Beginning your exercise routine with HIIT directly can increase the chances of muscle injury or soreness. At the same time, you must not overdo it and allow your body enough time for recovery.


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