Introducing ‘Talk With Doc’ – a Product View

eKincare Talk With Doc

Tired of travelling to see a doctor? Taking additional time off from work? Work pressure not letting you take care of your health? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then this article is for you. Go ahead and find out how can you take care of your health and not disturb your work at the same time.

Striking the right balance between work and home is becoming a challenging task for all of us. This daily multitasking takes a toll on our health. Unfortunately, by the time we realize it already too late. A simple problem can take a severe form if not taken care of at the right time.

With the idea of solving this problem, eKincare has launched Talk With Doc, a virtual telehealth platform that gives you access to expert doctors 24×7, 365 days a week! You can now consult a doctor anytime, from anywhere without wasting time on travel or waiting outside the doctor’s clinic.

How does it work? 

Talk With Doc is a telemedicine platform using which you can connect to a family physician and get your health queries resolved within a minute. All you have to do is to register on Click on ‘Talk With Doc’ icon available on your screen and you will be connected to a doctor within 40 seconds.

You can discuss your issues, share your medical reports, attach images for the doctor to review your case. The doctor will take time to listen and answer every question. Once the doctor gets a complete understanding of the issue he/she will provide recommendations and can also prescribe medicines if required.

On completion of your consultation, you will receive a case summary along with doctor’s recommendations. All these details will be saved under your profile in digital format and can be accessed anytime. Your consultation will be valid for 7 days during which you will also be able to follow up with the same doctor.

The platform also provides you the convenience of ordering medicines and getting lab tests recommended by the doctor at a discounted rate. Simply click on ‘Order Prescription’ and we take care of the rest.

eKincare Talk With Doc (24*7)

Our Value Proposition

With eKincare ‘Talk With Doc’ you can connect to a doctor from any device be it your android phone, iPhone or desktop. You now have the convenience of getting your health queries resolved without having to wait in the queue. We give you an option to chat, call or have a video session as per your comfort. (Coming Soon)

eKincare Talk With Doc (24*7)

Now take control of your health with just a click of a button.

         – Dr. Paridhi Mehra, Product Manager at eKincare

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