10 Essentials for travel during pregnancy

The babymoon or pre-baby vacation can be planned in consultation with the obstetrician and it is very important to take some precautions while travelling.

Your doctor may suggest you to travel during the middle trimester of your pregnancy as you just got over the nausea part and may, in general , feel better in this trimester before you gain the additional kilos. Travel is not recommended if you have certain pregnancy complications, including pre-eclampsia, premature rupture of membranes, and preterm labor.

Check out the popular baby moon destinations to ensure safety and comfort.

Below are some items that you must keep handy while you plan to travel.

  1. Gather your medical records and your vital health information. Ask your doctor for a prenatal record which includes your name, contact information of your doctor, blood group, allergy chart, last period date, delivery due date, number of pregnancies, miscarriages if any and complications during pregnancy.
  2. Before you leave, prepare a list of family members and friends names and phone numbers you’ll need in case of emergency. Make sure they are saved in your phone and that you have a paper copy in your carry-on luggage, in case your phone is lost or dead when you need to reach someone.
  3. Carry your prenatal vitamins and other medicines prescribed by your doctor if any, along with you so that you won’t miss a dose
  4. Carry enough boiled/ bottled water so that you don’t need to get off the train to buy water. The vendors who sell water on the train may carry substandard brands which may not meet the hygiene and safety standards.
  5. It is safer not to buy food from station vendors or platform hawkers. Carry your food from your home and make sure you store them properly. 
  6. Do carry snacks and meals from home. Some ideas for snacks
    • Nuts and Dry fruits
    • Fresh fruit such as bananas, oranges or apples
    • Home made chikkis, laddoos , etc
    • Khakras or roasted grains
    • For longer journeys where you need a meal or two, you can pack food such as idlis, parathas and pickle, poori and dry potato curry, lemon rice, steamed rice
  7. Carry some all-purpose tissues and sanitizers
  8. Carry Compression stockings to limit your swelling and blood clots in case of long journeys.
  9. If you have a health insurance you need to carry a copy with you so that in case of emergency you can use that.
  10. Keep talking to your baby as you explore new places and make them feel like they are already a part of the vacation

Ensure that you take enough rest and relax completely during the vacation so that you can prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead!






– Dr.Alekhya Yelamanchili

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