5 key benefits of mobile devices in healthcare

Health care is one of the areas that have been profoundly influenced by the availability of mobile devices. The use of mobile devices by healthcare providers has changed some of the aspects of clinical practice such as physician-patient interaction, information storage, maintenance, and retrieval etc. Mobile devices have now become an invaluable tool in healthcare provider’s arsenal to provide better health services to patients. Let’s see the five important benefits of mobile devices in healthcare.

1.Better dispersion of information:

There is a constant data flow between patients and healthcare providers. Given the complex nature of information network of the healthcare system, mobile technology provides better dispersion of information between patients and healthcare providers.

With the advent of mobile technology, physical meetings between patients and healthcare providers have come down significantly as they can share information through video conferencing and voice messaging.
3.Deal with a large number of patients at once:

Healthcare providers deal with a large number of patients on a day to day basis. Sometimes it could be difficult to attend patients individually. Using patient’s data, healthcare providers can create profiles and group similar profiles together, and provide an optimum solution for each patient.
4.Direct patient management:

Before the advent of mobile technology, physicians had limited access to patient’s health records, making it difficult to monitor patient’s progress and provide timely updates. Mobile devices have now made it possible for physicians to be in direct communication with the patients to track and monitor patient’s progress.
5.Improved efficiency and productivity of health care providers:

Physicians using mobile devices have reported increased efficiency and productivity in their workflow process. Access to information from drug database leads to lesser prescription errors, ease of collection of patient’s information leads to improved quality of patient documentation and complete records. Easy and quick access to clinical support resources such as lab test and reports results in improved patient care coordination.


Although mobile devices are changing the way of clinical practice, it is also important to acknowledge the potential pitfalls of using mobile devices such as breach of patient information. Therefore, the onus is on the healthcare providers to not only leverage the benefits mobile devices offer in providing better healthcare but also ensure the quality of service.

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