Few tips to ease your Summer

While we love the summers for holidays, sweet juicy mangoes and the fragrance of jasmines, we need to be careful with our health and be vigilant to the signs of summer health problems caused by scorching heat and sweat.

Here are some tips for this summer season to beat the heat and keep cool.

Plan your day in advance

Avoid going out when the temperatures are high. Plan your work such that, you are indoors in the afternoons. People who work outdoors, or training for sport activities in outdoors need to take frequent breaks and move to indoors. Replenish yourselves with plenty of fluids.

Dressing/ Skincare

Dress in lightweight cotton clothes that are light colored. They absorb sweat and keep you cool. Take shower twice daily to avoid problems of prickly heat.

Be equipped with these while going out

When you are going out in hot sun, take an umbrella with you. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Carry a water bottle with you.

Food tips for summer

Take plenty of freshly cut fruits and cooked vegetables. Fruits that have plenty of water content like melons, grapes, oranges are all good. Avoid oily and spicy food. Avoid roadside juices and raw salads that may be containing germs.

Fluids, fluids and fluids

Coconut water, lemonade and buttermilk are very good for fluid replenishment in summers. If you have kidney disease or heart problem, check with your doctor before you indulge on new diets or drinks.

Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages in summer as they can cause dehydration.

Check for signs of dehydration

Even in indoors, water losses from the body are high and more intake of fluids should be encouraged in these age groups. Look for signs of dehydration and seek attention.

Usual signs of dehydration are dry mouth, thirst, headache, muscle cramps and irritability.

Protect elderly

Extra caution is needed for elderly persons as they are more vulnerable to heat stroke.

Check on your elderly neighbors that are living alone, as elderly people are vulnerable to heat related illnesses.

Babies and kids

Babies are prone to get dehydration easily. If they are passing less urine (having less number of wet diapers), decreased intake of feeds or having irritability, pay attention and see medical help.

Kids playing outdoors often ignore the signs of dehydration. Limit your kids’ outdoor play under hot sun, between 10 AM and 4 PM. Encourage intake of plenty of fluids. Encourage indoor games.

Dr. Lavanya Aribandi, Chief Medical Officer, eKincare

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