Fungal Infections of the skin on a rise

According to the information from dermatologists, fungal infections, especially those of the skin are on rise. Dermatologists across India have warned of “an epidemic of fungal infections”

These infections have become very resistant to treatment.

The cause of concern currently is the alarming rate at which they are causing infections.

Here is a look at the factors that cause or promote fungal infections.

  1. Weak Immune System– immune system is so crucial for combatting different infections. This is why fungal infections are often prevalent in age groups with underdeveloped or vulnerable immune systems, namely the very young or the very old. However, the rise on infections in healthy young individuals now days is the main cause of concern.
  2. Poor Nutrition-Nutrition can have noticeable effect on your susceptibility to infections. The growth of this yeast is kept in check by the amounts of friendly bacteria in your intestines. When you eat sugary or processed foods, this feeds the bad bacteria in your gut, leading to a boom in fungal reproduction.
  3. Obesity-Obesity can make us vulnerable to infections in a variety of different ways. It is possible that your extra weight is placing a strain on your immune system. The extra folds of the skin that one develops due to obesity and sweat between them forms the ideal feeding ground for fungal spores and bacteria.
  4. Medication – There is an urgent need to understand that indiscriminate use of topical steroid cream preparations and oral antibiotics is leading to fungal infections becoming resilient .Steroids cause immune suppression whereas antibiotics attack the friendly bacteria in your gut, which is responsible for regulating the population of candida yeast.

5.Contanct with contagions – if you have physical contact with an affected person, then you are likely to contract the disease yourself. Fungal spores can live and breed on clothing, bed linen or towels, making it crucial that you wash your laundry regularly and do not share articles of clothing or other materials with someone who you suspect might have the illness.

  1. Clothing – tight-fitting clothing, particularly jeans/denim, that leads to fungal infection in the most intimate areas. Because of tight clothes, infections are not responding to treatment and also getting aggravated. It is very important to dress according to the local climatic conditions. Wearing loose, cotton and airy clothes has become the need of the hour.
  2. Antibacterial soaps/lotions – Our skin and gut contain friendly bacteria that protect the local flora. Excessive usage of antibacterial soaps and sanitizers or usage of antibacterial drops during bath is also a cause of the rise of fungal infections.

8.Certain Medical conditions – people with certain medical disorders like diabetes, low immunity states , and disorders that require the usage of strong immunosuppressant therapy like autoimmune conditions need to be very careful because they are more susceptible to fungal infections.

Most fungal skin infections can be treated with over-the-counter or prescription creams. Severe infections may require additional methods.

Taking preventive action can go a long way towards avoiding fungal skin infections as well.

-Dr.Afroze Fatima

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