In this article we will review the association between alcohol consumption and diabetes. People who have diabetes are more susceptible to alcohol ingestion related complications than non-diabetics. As per recent studies given by American diabetes Association, Diabetes mellitus is recognized clinically as complication of alcoholism.

In what way does the alcohol effects diabetes? ( In case of chronic and heavy intake)             

  • It has excess calories and it is an appetite stimulator too which leads to obesity , a trigger to increase Diabetes
  • It causes damage of  pancreas(B cells of pancreas releases insulin and controls blood glucose),
  • Impairment of liver function (disturbances in carbohydrates and glucose digestion)
  • It may cause hypoglycemia (a state of severe drop down in sugar levels)
  • It can interfere with the positive effects of oral diabetes medicines or Insulin
  • It may also affect judgment or will power leading to poor food choices
  • It increases blood pressure

People with diabetes who drink should follow the below tips to get rid of landing up in complications:

Do’s while taking alcohol in diabetes:

  •        Wear an I.D. that notes you have diabetes, in a setting where people are drinking alcohol; hypoglycemia may be mistaken for being drunk.
  •        Drink alcohol only with food
  •        Drink slowly
  •        Mix liquor with water, club soda or diet soft drinks

Don’ts while taking alcohol in Diabetics:

  •        Do not drink on an empty stomach or when blood glucose is low, since the risk of low blood glucose increases after drinking
  •        Do not take  “sugary” mixed drinks, sweet wines, or cordials
  •        Do not drive or plan to drive for several hours after you drink alcohol.

To be considered with more cautious:

Alcohol can cause hypoglycemia shortly after drinking and for up to 24 hours after drinking. If you are going to drink alcohol, check your blood glucose,

  •         Before you drink
  •         While you drink
  •         Before bed and throughout the night
  •         More often for up to 24 hours

   So instead of checking this many times it’s better to quit drinking alcohol..!

   Finally, if you drink alcohol several times a week then makes sure your doctor knows about it before he/ she changes the diabetic drugs or changes the insulin dosages. The one way to get the help you need is to be sure that your family and friends know to be aware of your symptoms of hypoglycemia and what to do.

-Dr.keerthiman kancherla


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