Travelling and packing tips for Diabetes Patients

In  holiday season, it’s important to know about few tips for travelling safely so that you can have a relaxing vacation. Studies show that about 10 percent of people with diabetes experience problems with diabetes control when travelling.

A little extra homework will let a person with Diabetes have a healthy and hassle-free trip.

Travelling tips:

  • See the doctor before you plan your trip. If you’ll be crossing time zones, ask him/her about how to adjust your insulin doses.  
  • Check your blood glucose level as soon as possible after landing or reaching your destiny.
  • Plan the timing of your injections according to the time zone changes.
  • Learn some diabetes-specific phrases in the local language of the place of your trip, such as “I have diabetes” and “I need sugar” etc.
  • You may substitute another brand’s equivalent formulation
  • Wear your ID card all the time.
  • Let people around you know that your diabetic.
  • It’s better to avoid, drinking alcohol in your trip.
  • Keep all your medical supplies with you.
  • Stick to your regular diet plan and timings as much as possible.
  • Be prepared to treat low sugars.
  • Know the location of nearby pharmacies and hospitals in the place you are going to visit.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and don’t go barefoot. Check your feet every day.
  • Try to be active in your journey, doing simple stretching exercises in your seat or moving your ankles in circles and raising your legs occasionally. This will improve your circulation.

Packing tips:

The important rule of travel for a person with diabetes is packing at least twice as much medication and blood-testing tools. Pack all of them in your personal bag so that your medication is always with you.

Whether you are travelling by car, bus, plane, boat, or foot, you’ll want to keep this in “carry-on” bag with you at all times.

List of things to pack:

  • The insulin cartridge and syringes if you take Insulin
  • Glucometer.
  • Your doctors prescriptions (clearly mentioning the content of medicine, so that you can take substitutes if needed)
  • All oral medications (an extra supply)
  • Other medications or medical supplies, such as glucagon, anti diarrhea medication, antibiotic ointment, antiemetic drugs
  • Your ID card and diabetes identity card
  • A well-wrapped, air-tight snack pack, fruit, a juice box, and some form of sugar candies or glucose tablets to treat low blood glucose if need arises.

Have a happy and healthy vacation…!

-Dr.Bhavani Sagar Surampally

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