Common misconceptions about Hypertension and facts

Number of people with high blood pressure are increasing day by day. This article will cover some common misconceptions and the truth behind them.

1.Misconception: Nothing to worry much about high blood pressure.

Truth: It is absolutely wrong. High blood pressure is a killer disease and if not treated properly can lead to heart problems and even stroke.

2.Misconception: No need to take treatment for high blood pressure.

Truth: Treatment to control blood pressure is very important to prevent complications. During early days you may not see any difficulties with it but in a long run you will face more complications.

3.Misconception: High blood pressure cannot be prevented.

Truth: There is a good news for you, by taking some preventive steps for your risk factors you can prevent high blood pressure. It all depends upon your determination. Regular exercise, healthy diet, maintaining weight, low salt intake, avoiding alcohol and smoking can really make a big change.

4.Misconception: Decreasing table salt alone can control blood pressure

Truth: It is good to decrease intake of table salt but by doing that alone won’t help in reducing blood pressure. Decrease the salt intake means the sodium intake. 75% of sodium we consume is present in processed food. So, avoiding them plays a vital role.

5.Misconception: Doctor anyway checks my Blood pressure in office, so i don’t need to monitor my B.P at home.

Truth: It is necessary to check blood pressure on regular basis at your home to know how you are doing. Sometimes you will have high readings only in doctors’ office, we call it as white coat hypertension because this is due to anxiety. So, if you measure your blood pressure regularly and tell your doctor about the readings, they can adjust the doses accordingly.

6.Misconception: If blood pressure is controlled after taking medication then you can stop taking medicine.

Truth: Hypertension is a lifelong disease and unless and until your doctor asks you to stop taking medicine you must continue it. Otherwise you will have a rebound hypertension.

7.Misconception: One abnormal reading means hypertension

Truth: It’s not true. Doctors usually check your blood pressure multiple times before diagnosing you with hypertension, except when the blood pressure is very high that it warrants a diagnosis.

8.Misconception: Only elderly people get hypertension

Truth: No, any one can get hypertension even children. It is true that elderly people are more prone for it but children and young can also have high blood pressure.

9.Misconception: I would know if I had high blood pressure

Truth: Hypertension is also called as “silent killer” as it won’t show any symptoms in most of the people. So, it’s better to get your blood pressure checked.

10.Misconception: Hypertension seen during pregnancy disappears immediately after giving  birth

Truth: In most of the cases after birth the high blood pressure issue is resolved. But now a days research says that the problem can continue even after giving birth. So, if you had hypertension during pregnancy monitor your blood pressure regularly and inform your doctor if there is any abnormality.



  • 30% of women and men have high blood pressure
  • 30% of people with high blood pressure DO NOT KNOW that they have it.
  • Less than 30% individuals reach target goals






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