A nocturnal emission is an involuntary ejaculation of semen that occurs during sleep. Studies show that approximately 83% of men experience a nocturnal emission at some point in their lives.

There is nothing wrong with a person if he experiences a nocturnal orgasm or nocturnal emission, as they are normal and healthy experiences.

If you have (or haven’t) experienced a wet dream, you do not have to feel ashamed. There is no way to prevent nocturnal orgasms or emissions from happening.

Between the ages of 10 and 12, males begin the process of puberty. During this process of sexual maturation, they start to produce sperm and gain the ability to ejaculate. It is at this time that most males start to experience nocturnal emissions, sometimes even before they learn about masturbation. While sleeping, the male’s genitals may rub against the bed or sheets, or he may unknowingly stimulate them himself. He also might be having a sexual dream. When this happens, the male may become so sexually aroused that he has an orgasm which may or may not be accompanied by a nocturnal emission.

Some males worry that a nocturnal emission means they are becoming a “sex maniac” with uncontrollable urges, when in reality wet dreams are just a sign of puberty.

As there is no harm caused by the event, it is generally considered inadvisable to undergo any sort of treatment except in cases  of severe psychological trauma. This is common and nothing to be concerned about.

-Dr. Prerna

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